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The Snyder Group has worked with some of the nation's largest corporations in coordinating their sports marketing efforts involving activities initiated by us. We used our relationships with renowned sports franchises and events to position a host of companies as sponsors of prestigeous sporting events that include professional tennis and golf, international track and field, auto racing, professional hockey and basketball. A partial list of companies: Hardee's, MCI, The Washington Capitals, The Washington Bullets (now Wizards), Simoniz Car Wax, Prestone Anti-freeze, Ralston Purina, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Arby's, and Mazda. The agency has also represented a number of celebrity sports figures including: Al Unser, Jr. (2x Indy 500 winner and national champion), Tom Gloy (IndyCar Driver and National Champion of TransAM Series), Mike Gartner (National Hockey League 7-Time All Star and Hall of Famer), Wes Unseld (National Basketball Association All-Star, MVP, Rookie of the Year and Hall of Famer), Scott Stevens (National Hockey League Hall of Famer and named as one of the "100 Greatest NHL Players", 3-Time Standley Cup Champion, Stanley Cup MVP and was named to the NHL All-Star Team multiple times.), Kelly Miller (NHL Legend) and others.
Tom Gloy during Indianapolis 500. Simoniz sponsorship obtained by The Snyder Group.
Al Unser, Jr. at the Long Beach (CA) Grand Prix. He won the event a record six-times. Simoniz sponsorship obtained by The Snyder Group.
The Snyder Group was successful in obtaining sponsorships for other racing teams in various types of motorsports.
The Snyder Group introduced an innovative new camera to The Washington Capitals and The Washington Bullets. This camera was the first of its kind in the NHL and NBA. We teamed our client, Hardee's, with the sports franchises' cable television network, Home Team Sports, as the sponsor.
The Snyder Group was successful in selling hundreds of thousands of dollars in sponsorships for these NBA and NHL Franchises.
The Snyder Group maximized client Snow Valley Spring Water's sponsorship of a cycling team and several cycling events. Above is TV News Coverage of The Snow Valley Spring Water Grand Prix of Cycling in Bethesda, MD just outside of Washington, DC.
The Snyder Group arranged for a feature on Team Snow Valley on the ABC affiliate in Baltimore, MD, giving Snow Valley Spring Water even more exposure.
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John Snyder used his resources to maximize his clients' exposure. Here is an interview John did for ESPN at the Long Beach Grand Prix to highlight his clients, Al Unser, Jr., Simoniz Car Wax and Galles Racing.
We also leveraged Snow Valley Spring Water's cycling team sponsorship into other media opportunities, including sponsorship of the Tour de Crofton (MD) cycling event. John Snyder arranged for television coverage of the event and served as executive producer and co-host of the program. Above are some clips from the telecast of The Tour de Crofton.
The Snyder Group was successful in obtaining sponsorship for other racing teams in various types of motorsports.
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